Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I Know

I would offer you some opinions on the Cubs, but being one of the people who the other day proclaimed that Carlos Zambrano would NEVER be moved to the bullpen-what do I know?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cubs Need Silva

According to's Carrie Muskat, Cubs pitcher Carlos Silva is experiencing some soreness in his right shoulder, which has dogged him in the past. He may miss his next start. This is not good news, as with the exception of his first spring training outing, Silva has been reliable on the mound. Hopefully this is just a temporary twinge that clears up without missing more than the one start *fingers crossed*.

Silva had a solid first regular season outing yesterday against the Reds, even though he unfortunately did not figure in a winning decision to show for it. He pitched six (6) innings, gave up three (3) hits for one (1) run. He currently has the lowest WHIP of the starters at an impressive 0.50, and lowest OBA at .143. Yes, it's only one game, but it looks good nonetheless! And as you can tell by the graphic below, most of his pitches were in the strike zone:

With the exception of his first outing in spring training, Silva had solid performances in his other five starts. He finished the spring 2-1 with a 3.80 ERA, and walked only two (2) the entire month. He worked with Larry Rothschild who identified some issues with his mechanics in the first outing, and since that time has shown much improvement.

Silva is showing great promise, and if he can stay healthy, should give the Cubs some solid outings this season. Here's hoping his shoulder gets straightened out very soon!

Uncle Milty Has Another Bug Up His Ass

Well, imagine's not only Cubs fans that upset Milton Bradley. This time it's the fans of one of his former teams, the Texas Rangers:

I wonder what those former Rangers teammates that had defended him after his recent negative comments towards the Cubs organization and fans think now? Milton's path towards self-destruction continues.